Winnie Baffoe

Winnie BaffoeMy project  and the space that I use is called T-Rooms, which offers a quiet space for thought and reflection.

T-Rooms has two missional arms: one is called Mummies Republic, for mummies by mummies, which serves new mothers during maternity leave, stay at home mothers or those who work from home. It provides that relief and opportunity to meet with new mothers and also the space for their children to meet and play.

Furthermore Mummies Republic offers subsidised swimming  places for its members at a local swimming centre, yoga and christian meditation and Bible study classes over food called Love Feast.

Dads Like Us is the other missional arm of T Rooms and it serves young fathers in its own unique style. At the moment it is at its listening stage and, to serve the listening, there is a blog and picture gallery for fathers to enter discussions.

As T-Rooms continues to listen and observe its local community it will continue to diversify and adapt.

For more information about T-Rooms, Mummies Republic and Dads Like Us log onto the T-Rooms website at


Posted by vfx on October 2, 2012