Tim Nash

Tim NashI’m based in Sherwood, just north of Nottingham city centre. Sherwood is a very spiritual place with all kinds of New Age expressions of spirituality. It’s also a very creative place, with loads of art and craft groups, exhibitions and festivals.

So I’ve been exploring what the good news of God’s Kingdom might look like in this context.

Through creative, meditative and contemplative events and groups we’ve drawn together a small community who are committed to exploring together what following Jesus means for us.

The community has become known as Garden-City. Humanity is said to have originated in a garden (Eden) and will find its fulfilment in a city (the New Jerusalem). We live in the in-between time, the hyphen of Garden-City. And our community lives in a city and we have an allotment!

One of the members of the community and myself produce Nomad Podcast. The podcast explores Christian community, mission and the future of church. We do this by interviewing leading missional thinkers and practitioners from around the world, and tracking the progress of our own little community.




There’s a great description of the Garden-City story on the Fresh Expressions website.  You can also see more about the life of that community on their Facebook page.





Posted by vfx on October 2, 2012