Steve Jones

Steve Jonesabout Steve

Dad, Husband, Developer & Multiplier of ‘ALL THINGS GOOD’‘
‘treading lightly, living simply, giving generously, sharing meals, making friends, being thankful and telling stories… all to help change the world…’
Steve Jones is married to Larissa and they have 4 ‘full of life’ kids. Eldest son in a 9 member multi-racial family, he spent some of his childhood in Africa. A qualified educator, he has been involved in founding, leading and advising churches, charities and social enterprises for 17 years.
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about Simply…

Simply… is a ‘discipling/missional’ movement of ‘hubs and Simply 12s’ in the SW of England. Borrowing deeply from early Methodism we are seeking to kickstart an authentic, inclusive, holistic, creative, chilled-out-but-intentional, viral, ‘equipping’, missional movement. We focus on meeting in small ‘activist’ hubs – wherever people are – homes, pubs, workplaces, beaches, etc.. and nurturing Simply12s, which are small intentional communities of developers/leaders.
If confused or you have more questions do visit our website or connect with us at
We also hold regular Open Days where folks can come explore, eat food and hear stories – book in through our Facebook Page.
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Posted by vfx on October 2, 2012