Simon Oliver

Simon is based in Cottenham, a community lying North of Cambridge. He describes his pioneer approach like this:

Simon Oliver

‘I am particularly interested in working with 20-40 somethings and young families in developing community work and creative projects. I enjoy finding fresh ways of exploring issues of life, meaning and faith and have a particular passion for the arts. I am aware that many people are interested in looking at such issues but feel alienated, disconnected or uninterested in traditional Church, or are simply too busy with the chaos and demands of contemporary living to find the time and space in their schedules. Everything we do as part of the RevCoffee project is open to those of all backgrounds and beliefs, and we value the perspectives of all’.



You can read more on the RevCoffee website or look at the great article about Simon’s work on the Fresh Expressions website.

One of the most recent developments has been The Roost – an all-age family event which combines arts, craft, messy play, videos, music, poetry, games, prayer stations and much more to give people the opportunity to be a community, be creative and explore the Christian faith.




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Posted by vfx on January 16, 2013