Dave Saunders

DaveSaundersDave moved from his hometown of Eastbourne to the Scottish Highlands in 2003 to work with young people in 2 estates called Merkinch and Dalneigh where there is a degree of drug and alcohol abuse along with violence and family breakdown. But amongst this, these estates show a brilliant sense of community and loyalty.

Years later the young people Dave worked with have now become young adults and some are showing interest in faith in their own style, so a small group of people who call themselves ‘Reverb’ was formed.

The invisible bond that ties this group together is not so much that they meet every week but that they feel the same calling to love God as best they can by sacrificially loving the people in Merkinch and Dalneigh. When they meet for for meals at Dave’s house they talk, challenge one another and pray about the opportunities they have taken and missed that week to ‘love thy neighbour.’ They reflect on the covenant they have written to build upon their relationship with God, neighbours, each other and the wider church. It is ‘Reverb’s’ mission to create and be a part of as much holy mischief as they can.

Reverb – A Reverb is a small sound wave that ripples out into the environment to something bigger than it’s origins. As it travels it expands far beyond its own creation, affecting those in and around it. 

In the same way as church, the people who call themselves “Reverb” want to reverberate a glimpse of God’s love, so others can learn about it and take it into their own lives. they in turn share this with others and so the reverb of God’s love is created.


More recently Dave has been developing a space in the heart of the community of Merkinch where people can encounter God.  It’s called Breathe and it looks something like this:





You can follow Dave’s blog or follow him on Twitter.   The story of Dave’s work with Reverb is told on the Fresh Expressions website and there’s also a nice little video interview with Dave which you can view on the Fresh Expressions website.


Posted by vfx on October 1, 2012