Martin Daws makes poetry at ECG

we were chuffed to be joined by the Poet Martin Daws for a couple of days at ECG a couple of weeks ago. during the Saturday evening communion gathering we worked out how we could incorporate Martin’s skills into the service and decided to frame the evening around the theme ‘one body’. led by Martin, everybody in the gathering broke off a piece of Christ’s body (clay) and moulded the first letter of a word associated to the theme ‘body’… the challenge was for martin to write a poem throughout the communion using the words people had felt.

although Martin was able to produce something in the time given during the service he had felt that he wasn’t that pleased with the results and as a true pro had to go away and dwell on the words some more. this is what he has come up with:

Struggle In my body to touch you

touch you real

so raw

broken from sickness to death

the pain of life

body of life covers womb communion

newness of being sin reborn in transience

intimacy of un-wrappings – your gift of frailty

Frail love payment Shylock made vulnerable

vulnerable Immanuel

touch tomorrow real

organic fragility

holy touch of skin

murder thought beyond beauty

thought beyond (your presence)

sacrifice mortality for mercy (in your presence)

warm juice of body caress incarnate (in your presence)

time covered physicality (in your presence)

mortal mercy being beauty (in your presence)

wholeness/hope/faith alive (in your presence)


Martin you are a legend and thanks again for your time with us earlier this month…

Posted by Ian on April 22, 2013